Update June 30, 2020

30-06-2020 | 21:26

 Dear family, friends, colleagues (old and new 😊),


One of the last newsletters that I will send during my journey to run the marathon of Antwerp on September 12, for the benefit of non-profit association “stop colon cancer” that is committed to bring awareness and prevention of colon cancer.

The update about the sports status  you can be found further in this message. Today I mainly want to share the wonderful news about the fundraising, because that is what it is all about after all. For the time being, the figure stands at EUR 1,620, against a target of EUR 1,000. I want to thank everyone who has supported me so far. This also means that with 2 months still to come, the ambition can certainly be adjusted, and any contribution is still welcome. Are we will make it to double the target? For anyone that wants to support me and is willing to give a financial contribution, you can do so on my page by clicking on the link. Of course, as I always say, there is no obligation.

 Related to my running status the objective has also been positively adjusted. I started with a target time to complete the marathon in 4h30min, starting with 5km, then 10km,…. In the first 6 months of 2020 I have run 1108KM so far. I have a virtual medal ‘corona proof” from the half marathon in Ghent and the 10 miles in Antwerp, I have run my fastest 5KM ever as well as my longest distance, 40KM. June I closed today with a monthly record of 201KM. All achievements that were not possible without the motivainon of all of you. The goal has now been adjusted to complete the marathon within 4 hours.  Who would have thought about this 1 year ago (and 10KG extra).

For my new colleagues @Ontex, you obviously don't know much about my running track of the past 12 months. I would like to share this with you when we are back in the office, hopefully before September 12th. .

 My next newsletter will be send a few days before the marathon.  The coming 2 months I will focus on an intensive training program still.

Take care and enjoy your vacation.